How Much Money Can Personal Trainers Earn?

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So how much money can personal trainers earn? Earning potential depends on a number of factors, but luckily for you, Personal trainers are in high demand, and that’s means prices are on the up. 

If you have an interest in helping people get fit and strong, having your own business can be a great entrepreneurship opportunity.

The challenge with finding success as a personal trainer is earning money at the same rate as other service-based professionals.

For example, while some personal trainers can earn up to £150 per one-hour session, others earn around £30-£50 per two-hour training session.

You can make more money as a personal trainer than the average person in your community if you know where to look and how to improve your earnings potential.

Read on for more details about how much personal trainers earn as well as some ways you can increase your hourly rates and multiply your income if you’re serious about starting your own business as a personal trainer.

Key Points On How Much Money Can Personal Trainers Earn:


  • Establish some form of online presence as soon as possible
  • Consider traditional methods of advertising such as print media
  • Reach out to relevant group leaders or influencers who serve your ideal client type
  • Use your current network to advertise too
  • Blog to demonstrate your expertise as a freelance personal trainer

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Earnings as a Personal Trainer – How Much Money Can You Make?

Earnings potential varies widely from one trainer to the next. 

If you want to know how much personal trainers earn on average, you’ll have to take a look at the top earners in your field. 

You may need to hit the gym to get a better idea of the average earnings for trainers who work in gyms. 

You’ll find many online resources for how much personal trainers earn, but you’ll also want to contact other personal trainers who work in gyms to get a better idea of the average earnings. 

Once you have that information, you can better determine how much money you can expect to make as a personal trainer either from private individuals or by working in a gym.


Develop Strategies for More Money as A Personal Trainer 

Many personal trainers find success by taking the “if you build it, they will come” approach. 

By identifying the people in your community who might be interested in getting into shape, you can direct them to the right place for their needs and interests. 

You might meet clients at a park, community centre, or other places that attract people who want to get more active. 

You can also host workout sessions in your own home, set up boot camps, or get involved with local sports leagues and other activities that attract people who want to get fit.

Network with Influencers and Earn Bases

If you want to earn more as a personal trainer, you’ll need to get out there and meet some new clients.

While you may have a hard time finding new clients if you’re just getting started, you’ll find clients quickly if you have some way of reaching out to potential leads. 

You can use social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to build your personal brand, which should help you attract new clients. 

You can also network with influencers and clients in your community who are looking for trainers to help them lose weight etc. 

You can find these people by scanning your local gyms and fitness centres for clients who are looking for a trainer. Once you know who these people are, you can network with them to find out who is interested in getting fit.


Run Exercise and Fitness Classes to Earn More Money As A Personal Trainer

Personal training clients are typically interested in more than just one-on-one training. 

If you are able to teach groups, you can earn additional income. 

Many gyms offer fitness classes to members. 

Fitness courses and fitness programs can be a great way to make money as a fitness instructor. 

You may want to consider holding a series of fitness classes that you offer online or in person. 

You can offer group fitness sessions such as yoga or spin classes. 

You can also teach weight loss or nutrition classes to help your clients get in better shape. 

This can be a great way to make money while helping your clients reach their fitness goals.


Online Nutrition Coaching

As more people get interested in nutrition and dieting, the demand for online dietitians and nutrition coaches has risen dramatically. 

While you may have a hard time finding clients if you only offer nutrition coaching, many companies are looking for one-on-one consultations rather than group classes. 

Online dietitians and nutrition coaches can make money by signing up with diet tracking software and providing online consultations to clients. 

You can also sell one-on-one training packages that include diet and nutrition coaching. 

You can perform online consultations from your home or create nutrition coaching videos and provide online consultations.

Check out this blog post on how to add nutrition coaching to your personal training business.



Personal training is an excellent field for entrepreneurs, but it can be difficult to make a living at it. 

To make more money as a personal trainer, take advantage of networking opportunities and deliver high-value training sessions. 

You can also teach group classes, run one-on-one training sessions, and offer online consultations on nutrition and dieting. 

Finally, develop strategies for more income and run exercise and fitness classes to earn more money as a personal trainer.